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Top 10 Instagram story tips

India is one of Instagram App top markets. According to source by Statistics, as of January 2020, India has the second highest Instagram users in the world after the US. With such a huge user base, safety becomes the top priority of this app

There are some users in the app who bully others. If you have been a victim of this cybercrime or harassment, you should not be a mute spectator. You have the right for make complaint

In October last year, Instagram stood up against online bullying and introduced a feature called Restrict, as one of the best feature. By activating the feature, you can stop users harassing you or those who are capable of spreading hate or negativity towards any account.


Activating Restrict feature will not block the account of the any person. Instead their comments on your pictures, videos or status will not be visible to you or to other users. The comments will only be visible to them, while using.

Also, the person you have restricted will no longer be able to know when you are active on Instagram. They would also not know if you have read the direct message sent to you.

How to restrict bullies on Instagram

• Go to the comment of the person bullying or harassing you.

• Swipe left, and click on the icon with an exclamation mark.

• Press on the person’s username.

Restrict through Instagram Direct

• Click on the direct message icon and select the chat you want to restrict.

• Press on the inverted exclamation mark icon on the top right of your chat.

• Tap Restrict Account under Restrict option.

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